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A Marriage Made In HeavenTen Speed Press

What People are Saying

“. . . (a) wealth of insight about what a marriage can and should be, and reveals how much thought and consideration go into making a marriage that seems to be “made in heaven.”

Magical Blend – February 2003

"Restores marriage to its eternal status . . . inspiring, challenging, and hauntingly beautiful."

                    Barbara Hand Clow, author of Liquid Light of Sex and Catastrophobia

"Full of inspiration and sage advice … a must read for anyone involved in or seeking a true partnership!"

                                   John Perkins, author of Shapeshifting and Spirit of the Shuar

“The book is a love story, and a good one, yet it is also the story of an exceptional woman and the exceptional culture which nurtured her. Then too, it is an in-depth exploration of the spiritual basis of a solid, lasting marriage.”

Light of ConsiousnessChit JyotiA Journal of Spiritual Awakening

"A Marriage Made in Heaven gives us pause to consider our own rituals of love, courtship, and childrearing, and lays bare both the functional and dysfunctional beliefs held in our world about these issues . . . thought-provoking and personally transformational."

                                                             Thom Hartmann, author of The Last Hours of
                                                                 Ancient Sunlight and The Prophet’s Way

"This book makes us reconsider our views about romance and marriage from a different and powerful perspective.   An important contribution to finding the way to deeper and more enduring relationships."

Victor Sanchez, author of The Teachings of Don Carlos
and The Toltec Path of Recapitulation

"A conscious approach to finding a mate that is driven by spiritual values… fascinating reading."

                                                        Heather Stephenson, The Sunday Rutland Herald

"An amazing chronicle by two brilliant mavericks of love. To witness these strong willed, reflective and tender souls weave themselves together,  allows us to discover the essential qualities that make relationships work."

             Allyson Grey and Alex Grey, author of Sacred Mirrors and Transfigurations

"This book serves as an example of how well thought-out and yet romantic relationships can be . . . brilliantly and poetically explore(s) every aspect of a committed love relationship . . . I treasured this book as a rare gem."

Magical Blend, Natural Beauty & Health – Summer Issue

"A unique, remarkable and moving book, showing the growth of love and understanding in slow motion; an intimate chronicle of a literal marriage of East and West."

                               Rupert Sheldrake, author of A New Science of Life and
                                                  Seven Experiments That Could Change the World

"What could a 35-year-old single Indian woman from a Hindu Brahmin family have in common with a 40-year-old divorced Amercan Jewish man? A good deal, judging from this collection of very romatic and idealistic courtship letters. Those who long for the traditional family . . . will enjoy the Sperlings’ multicultural love story."

                                                                                                  Publishers Weekly

"These collected thoughts should be on the shelves of any marriage counselor’s library – next to, or perhaps instead of, The Joy of Sex. Couples thinking about getting married, or those who want to improve the marriage they’ve already undertaken . . . pick it up."

                                                                                         The Providence Journal

". . . Their story challenges us to reexamine and deepen our own relationships. Read this book if you are searching for love or give it to someone who is." 

Vision Magazine
"This delightful cross-cultural love story of two souls being woven together is written straight from the heart."
                                                                                  Branches of Light Magazine

"This book is just terrific . . . highly recommended."

                                                                                         ABC News, Chicago, IL

"An uncommon marriage resulting from an exchange of letters …. how to work out a relationship, who’s responsible for what, how to be a man, and how to be a woman … remarkable."

                                                                                                          India Abroad

"The letters probe every aspect of a committed relationship, including attitudes toward raising children, sexual compatibility, the need for a sense of humor, decision-making, career and conflict in the home – They find the intrinsic ideals and beliefs they share far outweigh the initially apparent differences in skin color, religion and cultural mores."

                                                                                                   Woodstock Times

"A wonderful story . . . inspiring."

                                                     The Bynon Show, PRIME TV, Toronto, Canada

"In the perennial search for love and relationship . . . Vatsala and Ehud seek, regain and revivify the values of the archetypal feminine and masculine in the creation of intimacy and spiritual partnership."

                                                        Robert Lawlor, author of Voices of the First Day

"This book is beautifully produced . . . both personal and profound . . . In the letters, we read the growth of mutual fondness that grows into love. [Vatsala and Ehud] come together in beauty and grace and peace. The maturity of love in this book can be a living example to all of us."

                                                                                                         Whole Life Times

"This beautifully laid out and presented book is not only a treat for the eyes, but an inspiration for all those who have faith in the institution of marriage and in its spiritual sanctity. The book is a dialogue between apparently two desperate souls, families, and cultures. It is a one-year courtship between a highly educated Tamil Brahmin woman and a disillusioned American book publisher. Sharing their beliefs and discussing various topics touching on all aspects of life, makes them appreciate the similarities and differences in their worldviews and ultimately initaite a union which reflects their views and forms a basis for the life they create together. This new edition, after 15 years of marriage includes chapters which showcase how successful marriage can be a source for spiritual growth and greater compatiblity between the masucline and feminine energies."

                                                                           East West Reviews, August 2017


"Touching story of two souls seeking for life long partnership! The authors have come forward to share some of their inner & intimate thoughts in their step by step quest for each other, through poignant letters. A very moving episode ending in bliss & hormony, bringing out tears of compassion & goodwill for the couple. A must " reading " for all those lonely hearts in search of eternal soul mates."
K.Gobalakrishnan from Chennai, India (5 Star Rating)

A Guide for Women wanting to Wed
"I think this book not only defies cross cultural barriers it challenges the "modern woman" to reexamine her values and priorities when it comes to getting married. The book gives a beautiful portrayal of a relationship that develops based on a connection of values, spirtuality, and intellect that takes the reader through a process on to itself of reevaluating one needs in a relationship.

I would recommend this to anyone who is thinking about getting married (in a relationship or not), or who is married. It is also beautifully written, with lovely photos and paintings that take you to the heart of India." 
Lynn from Woodstock, NY (4 Star Rating)

A Book That Really Dazzles the Soul
"Every so often a book comes along that really is different, actually makes movement transpire in the mind and heart, and does what books are supposed to do to us. Marriage Made in Heaven is such a book. Composed primarily of actual letters exchanged by the American publisher with his Indian bride-to-be, there is an emotional rythmn that flows through this whole book which can only be called spectacular.

I had intended to read a few pages, but actually read the whole book cover to cover in one sitting. My wife picked up the book an hour later, and did the same thing.

As one who has lived both in India and the United States, I was very eager to see if the horrible cliches that pass for representations of Indian culture would be overcome. Indeed they were. Marriage Made in Heaven is utterly saturated with vibrancy, wit, humor and genuine love. That these two people would allow anyone, let alone the entire reading public of several nations, into their most intimate states of mind, their deepest emotional sharing, is an act of considerable courage. Moreover, the excruciating sharing of hopes, goals, values and dreams that these two engage in over the course of more than a year, explodes the myth and lie about 'traditional marriages.' Nobody can accuse either party here of being "manipulated" or forced into this marriage. Yet, their sharing of their lives gives the ancient marriage paradigm very strong proof of its idealized purpose.

There isn't an American female who isn't going to connect with this book in a very big way. If you're looking for love, a true love story, this is the real thing. For men, it is a glimpse into the innermost feelings of a woman who is both warmly traditional (the way men really want a woman to be) but enlightened in her world view. 

From Vatsala's first reply to the classified ad, to her wrenching feelings as she is driven up the desolate, winding road to her new home in Vermont, away from hger family for the first time in her life, it really is almost impossible to stop reading this book. Simply put, Marriage Made in Heaven is the love story of the decade. They show us what it means to be Man and Woman, to be true human beings." 
hakim from New York (5 Star Rating)

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